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The Law Firm of Campbell, O’Brien & Mistele Joins Dean & Fulkerson

May 1, 2015


Dean & Fulkerson is pleased to announce that the lawyers of Campbell, O’Brien & Mistele, a Troy law firm for over 60 years, have joined Dean & Fulkerson. Curtis Mistele and Robert Figa, formerly partners at Campbell, O’Brien & Mistele, have joined as Partners/Shareholders, and Henry Mistele, formerly managing partner, has joined in a Senior/Of Counsel position.

Campbell, O’Brien & Mistele was originally founded in 1952 by Dale Campbell and Edwin O’Brien, and later joined by Henry Mistele who brought his entrepreneurial and business background to the firm.

Henry Mistele, who came out of the business world to practice law, possesses great experience as an entrepreneur and lawyer for over forty years.

Curtis Mistele practiced law at Campbell, O’Brien & Mistele for over twenty years, and has developed a practice primarily focused on advising businesses on major business transactions, contractual matters, employment relations, corporate governance, and internal investigations.

Robert Figa practiced law at Campbell, O’Brien & Mistele for over twenty years and is primarily a litigator in commercial, civil and criminal cases with extensive experience in employment, family, bankruptcy and real estate law.

“From our first meeting with Dean & Fulkerson, we realized our firm cultures and client-service philosophies aligned remarkably well”, said Curt Mistele. “The relationship we have with our clients has always been fundamental to the core of what we do. Our clients have always been able to contact us at any time, day and night, and work with the same professional they have grown to trust and rely upon. Dean & Fulkerson embraces the same service philosophy. We are excited to be able to provide our clients with a larger firm’s depth of services and experience, while still maintaining our fee structure and client attentiveness.”

Jim Dworman, President of Dean & Fulkerson, said, “These three fine lawyers with their complementary practice strengths will benefit our present and future clients.”

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