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Transition Workshops

October 12, 2012

Robert R. Cleary

Bob Cleary recently conducted a transition workshop for a client who completed an asset purchase (bought a company) and wanted to minimize the usual discomfort it takes for the merged parties to become efficient as new compatible working partners. The client was relieved that the workshop produced swift results, claiming that the new partnership is running efficiently and without the tentative “trial and error” honeymoon period which typically exists when new owners inherit an incumbent workforce.

Bob describes the workshop as a half-day immersion with clear objectives:

  • To shorten the timeframe for reaching optimal synergy as new management assumes its role in operations.
  • To allow new partners to become familiar with their respective histories and experiences.
  • To assist employees in understanding and appreciating styles of management and ensuring early alignment of day-to-day expectations.
  • To exchange viewpoints on workplace preferences, priorities, styles and culture.

The transition workshop process has also been used in a variety of non-transactional settings where management seeks a means to create better operational cohesiveness and efficiency, especially where group performance deficiencies have failed to respond to routine quick fixes.

These workshops are stimulating and produce immediate results. Moreover, the benefit of a fully aligned workforce provides enhanced insulation from the many legal risks associated with the employment relationship.