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Category: Employment and Labor Law

Transition Workshops

Bob Cleary recently conducted a transition workshop for a client who completed an asset purchase (bought a company) and wanted to minimize the usual discomfort it takes for the merged parties to become efficient as new compatible working partners. The client was relieved that the workshop produced swift results, claiming […]

General Audit of Personnel Policies

Apr 11, 2009 - Articles by

The attorneys in Dean & Fulkerson’s Labor and Employment Law Practice Group recognize that all employers, whether small, medium or large, must comply with a myriad of federal and state law and regulatory enactments in the context of the labor and employment environment. These include: (1) the Americans With Disabilities […]

Holiday Parties and an Employer’s Liability

Sep 12, 2003 - Articles by

During holiday seasons, employers often worry they may expose themselves to liability if employees become intoxicated at a company function and subsequently injure others. Under current Michigan law, an employer is not liable to a third party for injuries caused by an employee who became intoxicated during a company function […]