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Author: Dean & Fulkerson

Lien Stripping

Jun 2, 2015 - Articles by

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled yesterday that the U.S. Bankruptcy Code does not allow Chapter 7 debtors to rid themselves of junior liens on home loans that are under water. This decision should benefit commercial lenders as debtors may not void a junior mortgage lien when the debt owed on […]

Property Brokers – Risks and Rewards

Apr 12, 2013 - Articles by

Many trucking companies are setting up property broker operations to handle excess freight or reduce operating costs and risks. Is this worthwhile? Do property brokers really avoid the financial risks that face trucking companies? While recent court cases suggest that being a property broker is not risk free, there still […]

Transition Workshops

Bob Cleary recently conducted a transition workshop for a client who completed an asset purchase (bought a company) and wanted to minimize the usual discomfort it takes for the merged parties to become efficient as new compatible working partners. The client was relieved that the workshop produced swift results, claiming […]

Business Immigration

Sep 12, 2012 - Articles by

DREAM Act … Obama Order … Doesn’t matter if you fall left or right of center, immigration affects all of us, particularly businesses, with challenges and opportunities. The world is indeed flat. Most businesses are facing the globalization of their industry, and thus have an increasing need in employing foreigners […]